EMK TOWER offers radome towers including engineering, design, manufacture and delivery by sea or road. The towers are designed in accordance with the specifications received and in accordance with the customers requirements. The types of towers we are able to offer are :

Radome with internal ladder access Radome with bucket lift access




Our standard:
The most commonly manufactured radome tower correspond to heights of 12m to 42m.
Wind speed (studied according to customer specifications)
Deflection (studied according to customer specifications)
Antenna Load (studied according to customer specifications)
Calculation standard : EIA, Eurocode, NV65, BS

Material characteristics:
High strength steel according to EN10025. S235 (ST37) and S355 (ST52) steel mainly used on towers.
Grade 8.8 Geomet Bolts
Hot-dip galvanised structure according to ISO 1461. Fiber door

Basic Supply
Tower main structure Anchorage template Fiber door
Hinge, toggle clamp, safety cable and spring-loaded lock pin Antenna bracket Vertical cable tray support Cable tray and protection cover Bolts

Ladder Internal platform Footrest Warning light system Painting Lightning system Grounding system Lifeline Anchor clamp